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Fête de la Stella Maris et Sant Joan la Mar in Vias

While you're on your camping holiday, come and be involved in the Fête de la Stella Maris et Sant Joan la Mar. A legendary tribute that'll make a lasting impression.

Over 400 years ago, legend has it that a ship full of sailors from Syria was caught in a storm at sea. Looking as though they and all the crew would go down with the ship, they prayed and made a promise which, though they didn't know it at the time, saved their lives. If they survived, they committed to take the statue of the Virgin Mary, which was aboard their ship, to the first church they came across on land. Having kept their word, since then the statue has stood in the church of St John the Baptist in Vias.


So every year, in honour of their pledge, the seaside resort celebrates this ancient and miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary over a weekend of festivities. With street artists, troubadours, encampments on the beach, mediaeval workshops and knightly combats, come and be part of this top event too! On 6th and 7th July, come and relive this local legend and celebrate the Fête de la Stella Maris et Sant Joan la Mar with your family.

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