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The Festival d’Humour in Cap d’Agde

Discover the Cap d’Agde comedy festival. Not content to merely entertain, these shows will have you laughing out loud! Experience an intense moment of good humour during your Mediterranean holiday...

Everyone knows Cap d’Agde for its Mediterranean coast and vast stretches of pale gold sand. But why not make the most of your camping holiday to discover a totally different facet of this seaside resort, its comedy festival! Every year, in the month of April, humorists from all spheres and all generations make their way to the Palais des Congrès for some seriously funny family entertainment. So come and laugh, and applaud some of today’s best one-man-shows during this all too short festive period.


For its 18th edition, the Festival d’Humour in Cap d’Agde is delighted to welcome five exceptional artists. Yann Stotz, Cécile Giroud, La Bajon, Jarry and  Sellig will all be performing live on stage! A programme not to be missed! Whether with the family or with friends, treat yourself to some great laughter therapy during your holiday at Yelloh! Village.


In 2021, the Festival d’Humour in Cap d’Agde will be held from 21 to 25 April.

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