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EmbrunMan in the Hautes-Alpes

Every 15th August, fans, enthusiasts and lovers of triathlon converge on the start line for EmbrunMan. A really exciting day in store for all you athletes. Ready? Let's go!

Fancy the idea of a load of sports trials on holiday? EmbrunMan will make for a nice surprise. Set up in 1984, the Embrun triathlon has become a legendary race in Embrun, the Hautes-Alpes. Every year, athletes look forward to 15th August! So will you be among the runners this year? Of course you will!


And for a bit of motivation, here are a few details. Like all the best triathlons, competitors are required to take part in 3 disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Think it's easy? Yes, but the fact that the distances are pretty serious adds to it somewhat! You've been warned: you may be in for a pretty tough day! In all, it's a 3.8km swim, a bike ride of 186.5km and a 42km run. Not bad eh? So get training, get prepared and get fit, and we'll see you at the start line with the 1,500 other competitors!


So if you enjoy sports and you're staying close to Embrun, come and have a go at this one-of-a-kind race in the Hautes-Alpes. Become part of the legend!


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