The Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou

Spellbinding, a unique and mind-blowing show, unforgettable memories and more! Come and enjoy something truly exceptional on holiday! The Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou, one of the world's biggest night time shows, awaits you.

Camping holidays Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou


From June to September, 2,200 actors get together every evening on an outdoor, 23 hectare stage, and put on an amazing show. This is the must-see event of the famous Puy du Fou. With scenery, dramatisations, costumes and music, everything's been designed to make sure the hour-and-a-half show is totally magical. People of all ages will be completely spellbound!


Camping Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou


The various scenes all draw their inspiration from France's history. They are staged as legends that you'll find both moving and amazing. Water jets, special effects, broadcasts, fireworks and more come one after the other to blow your mind! Want to know more? We would rather keep it a bit mysterious, so you can come and see for yourself what's awaiting you at the Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou!


La Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou
85590 Les Epesses 


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