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If you are on holiday in Portugal, there's one town you really must see: Sines. If the name doesn't mean anything to you, then step this way, and you'll find out more!

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Do you know Sines? This town lies to the north of Porto Covo, on the south-west coast of Alentejo, and is a part of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano, which is a wonderful location! Formerly a fishing village, over just a few years it became Portugal's largest port area. However, the village has succeeded in retaining features from its past. On the bay, you'll notice the ruins of a mediaeval castle which was restored during the 16th century. One of its towers is home to a museum devoted to navigator Vasco da Gama. Here, the scenery is breathtaking, made up of sea, nature and historic monuments. You're just bound to love it here when you stop off for the day in Sines!


Did you know? Vasco de Gama, the great Portuguese navigator deemed the first European to reach India by sea, was born in Sines. Perhaps you don't know about him? Well here, he's everywhere! His statue even looks out over the port, and when you visit the town, you'll find out about his amazing life.


On the program? So how about starting off with a stroll through the historic centre and exploring all its treasures? Here, you'll find delightful cobbled streets, white-walled houses with blue bases, and all sorts of restaurants serving local specialities. Continue your tour with a visit to Sines castle, and take in the breathtakingly splendid views over the sea! And just to its side lies the lovely white parish church of Nossa Senhora das Salas, where Vasco de Gama was christened. And as we're talking about a coastal town, we're also talking about beaches, of course! Head for the beach of Samoqueira, with the sea stretching away into the distance, and a huge swathe of fine sand awaiting you. The beach is hidden away behind tall cliffs, away from prying eyes. A revitalising location where wild nature holds sway. So lay out that towel and enjoy a spot of peace and gentleness beneath the sunshine of Portugal. Visiting the town of Sines means embracing it!