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The town of Cognac located in the department of Charente is an ideal destination for history lovers! Built on the banks of the Charente River to facilitate the trade of salt and spirits, the town grew rapidly in the Middle Ages and then even more so in the 19th century. The old district of Cognac with its ecclesiastical buildings and large number of private mansions as well as the industrial heritage sites like the wine sheds have earned it the label of Ville d’Art et d’Histoire! During your next holiday, you will have the opportunity to visit a large number of sites and monuments that are the pride of the people of Cognac!

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Cognac is where Cognac comes from of course! Cognac is a spirit made with aged wine, and its fame extends all around the world. The town does all it can therefore to introduce visitors to the local traditions and the local expertise in Cognac production. The Musée des Arts du Cognac, the great many merchants and the visits to vineyards are an excellent opportunity to discover all there is to know about this universe. During your holiday in Cognac, you can also visit the Château Royal de Cognac that overlooks the river. Today it is a listed historic monument and is a standing witness of the history of France: King François I was born here in 149 and several centuries later in 1795, the monument was named Maison de Cognac by its owner Baron Otard who thought it was the ideal place to age his brandy. This is one visit you will not want to miss.