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We'd like to introduce you to a wonderful little gem in the Aveyron region called Cantobre. This is a mediaeval village that'll turn your heart upside down! Find out more!

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Do you know? Cantobre is a fortified village which lies in the commune of Nant, and you'll soon be won over by it. Here's why. Cantobre lies at the foot of the Causse Bégon in the lovely Dourbie valley, thirty or so kilometres from Millau. When you first see it, you'll have the impression that it is floating in the sky. Indeed this village is also known as a "village perché" (perched village), and was built on a rocky spur at an altitude of more than 550 metres. And the view takes in all the surroundings: you'll enjoy an amazing panorama over the Dourbie and Trévézel valleys. Lush plant life abounds, and you'll experience a timeless visit here. You'll just love discovering the delights of Cantobre.


Did you know? 2 contrasting reasons have been posited with regard to its name. One has it that it is of Celtish origin, Canto Briga, which may have meant bright citadel, probably due to the brightness of the sunshine striking the rocks. Poetic, don't you think? And the other theory is that it is Templar in origin, with the Templars crying "Quant Obra" from the Occitan meaning "What an artwork" on sighting the village. Which one do you prefer?


On the program? Start with a stroll through the narrow little alleyways of the village, where you'll see delightful little stone houses, which appear to be nestled in the rock. It's wonderful! And at lunchtime you can stop off for something to eat at the picnic tables set up in the centre of the village, looking out over the valley. A fantastic setting for a meal with your nearest-and-dearest, which you'll love! If you're a bit of a thrill-seeker and you like climbing, then Cantobre is the place for you! Scale the walls opposite the village and you'll find it's an excellent way of observing the village from on high! So, would this be sport or relaxation as far as you're concerned?