Set off for a camping holiday beside the Gardon River

Canoeing, fishing, walking, bathing, snoozing...there are just so many things to do when you're camping beside the River Gardon!

Camping Gardon
Setting off on a camping holiday beside the River Gardon means enjoying a stay in a place where time passes more gently and slowly. It also means opting for a peaceful and refreshing stay in the heart of the nature, in a lovely countryside setting.


You'll be able to enjoy all the activities that are available beside the Gardon, including bathing in its crystal-clear, clean water, enjoying a spot of fishing, heading downriver in a canoe or kayak to the Pont du Gard or just enjoying a walk along the gorges of the Gardon or a kip in the sunshine! 


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Rental unit : 4 people from
€39.00 /night
Valid from 08 to 23 May 2017

Pitch from
€18.00 /night (Price for 2 people.)
Valid from 08 to 23 May 2017

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